Breda Fenn
Breda Fenn

I have always been passionate about food and community. I studied culinary management to broaden my skills and knowledge in all things cuisine and hospitality and I relish an opportunity to create in the kitchen. I love to develop recipes with wholefoods that are approachable, authentic and packed with flavour. Bringing people together around the table is important to me and I believe food is the greatest and most accessible tool for generosity and hospitality.

3 simple smoothies

Balanced, healthy & delicious!

For such a simple thing, it can actually be quite hard to find a good smoothie recipe that ticks all of the boxes. Whether there are too many ingredients, it’s too sweet or it’s packed with expensive extras, something that’s meant to be easy becomes a little too hard. 

Here are 3 simple smoothies for you to add to your repertoire that you can make in the Vibe Blender. They’re balanced, healthy, they’re dairy free and they don’t have endless ingredients. 

3 simple smoothers in the Vibe Blender System

These will all make a large single portion. Multiple the recipe accordingly to serve more people. They’re all made in the same way. It’s as easy as putting all of the ingredients into the blender jug and blending on smoothie mode for 20 seconds.

Simple green smoothie

mango macadamia and ginger smoothie

peanut butter and banana smoothie



3 simple smoothies