Barb Hodgens
Barb Hodgens

Barb Hodgens loves to cook with alternative, healthy whole food ingredients, with a focus on gut health. Barb has overcome her own gut health issues through healthy eating. Share your ideas, comments and photos at the end of this post :)

berry gummy

Kids will love these healthy smoothie gummies.

We couldn’t be happier with these layered berry yogurt smoothie gummies - and so easy to make in the Vibe blender system! We’ve simply incorporated a premium powdered gelatin into a basic yogurt and blueberry smoothie and transformed a delicious gut nurturing drink into a portable probiotic snack. Topped with raspberry jelly, they look like something from a lolly shop. What a treat! 

We’ve made smoothie gummies with both coconut yogurt and dairy milk yogurt with equally good results. Follow the links below to suitable homemade yogurt recipes:  

Coconut yogurt made with Ayam coconut cream
Coconut yogurt thickened with tapioca
Raw coconut yogurt – made from fresh young drinking coconuts
Cow’s milk yogurt
Goat Milk Yogurt

berry gummies

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berry gummies