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oat milk yogurt

Naturally thick & creamy plant-based yogurt.

Oat milk is quickly becoming one of the most popular dairy-free milks on the market. It has a naturally creamy finish and comes with more fibre and protein than other plant-based milk, making it ideal for culturing into yogurt.  

Oat milk is one of the easiest and quickest plant-based milks you can make at home. Watch the how-to video here. No pre-soaking means you can blend up and strain oat-milk in minutes. Once you have a fresh jar of creamy oat milk the steps to turn it into probiotic yogurt in a yogurt maker are equally as easy.

Homemade oat yogurt is made with 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t even require a thickener to achieve a perfect yogurt-like texture. Making it at home nutritionally outstrips anything you will buy plus, you have control over the flavour, thickness and tartness. 


The bacteria in Yogurt starter culture need something to feed on to allow the culturing process to take place. In traditional dairy yogurt, the bacteria consume milk sugar known as lactose. We add one teaspoon of white sugar to our oat milk to replicate this. 


You will need a dairy-free yogurt starter culture or probiotic to introduce the fermentation of bacteria to your oat milk. Use the amount of starter culture indicated on the packet or one dose of probiotic. 

oat milk yogurt


It is recommended that you sterilise your yogurt making jar and utensils beforehand. We have always found it is enough to wash in hot soapy water, then rinse in boiling water before use.

oat milk yogurt steps

oat milk yogurt steps


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Oat milk yogurt